_Turn-key Conversions_
We start with a bus (or any rolling canvas, for that matter) and when it leaves our shop, it is 100% ready to go, built to your specs, from a collaborative design process based on your needs, your intended use, and optimized to meet your budget. The process of converting a bus is nothing but a series of compromises in which we will work with you to make the best choice based on your budget, the lifestyle you want, and the space we have to make it happen. There is never a right answer in conversions, there are only better choices. The sky is the limit at our well-equipped shop and if you can dream it, we can build it. Shoot, we can probably make something you haven’t dreamed up, too!

_Rough-Ins & Partial Conversions_
So you’ve got bus and that’s great, but the wiring, the insulation, the plumbing, and the mechanicals are getting in the way of you getting to the fun parts of interior design, cabinetry and finishing. No worry. We offer rough-in packages where we can build it out as far or as far from finished as you like. Let your own skills and budget decide what work we will do for you and work with us to come up with a build solution that lets you keep the DIY feel with the pro safety and reliability of mechanicals and systems designed and installed by us.

_Solar System Design and Installation_
One of the greatest advancements in nomadic living has been the progress made in solar energy in the last decade. Prices are constantly dropping while quality improves and now, the option to live off the grid, off fossil-fueled energy without giving up the amenities of modern life is within the reach of even more modest conversion budgets. We have done countless installs from a hundred watt panel into a golf cart battery in a van to 3.4kw of panels into a $40,000 lithium battery on a land-yacht. We can help you design and install a safe and reliable energy system to meet your needs and budget. Whether your bus is already done, or you’re half-way there and in over your head, we can help you get powered up from the energy of our friendly star.

_Project-based solutions_
Need a new bed? How about a better kitchen cabinet solution? Maybe your bus just needs a propane range installed. We can do it all, from repairs, to remodels, there is no job to small for us to take on. Because we build custom furniture and modular mechanical solutions we are happy to ship custom-designed products to you, wherever you are. Some commonly requested items include propane and water tank mounts, convertible sofa-beds, and storage solutions. If it’s been a headache that’s got you stumped, reach out to us and see if we can make it easier for you!

We offer free 30 minute phone, Skype, or chat consults for anyone who wants to start bus life but feels overwhelmed by the options, the variables, and the size of the project. Let us help you strategize the best ways to tackle every step of the conversion process, from finding the right bus for you, to what gauge steel you need for the roof raise, to what kind of oil you should be running, we can help you with all of it. Ongoing consult rates after the initial 30 mins are $50 an hour and we can accept many forms of payment. Contact us M-F, 9-5pm at (303) 335-0326 or at charles@lookatthatbus.com

_Need a Bus?_
Oftentimes, we will buy buses that we think meet the demanding criteria of being a good platform for conversion. When that happens, we are happy to connect bus-seekers with these unique and desirable buses and can even provide storage on-site at our shop in Denver, CO. If we don’t have the bus you want, or if you don’t even know what bus you want, we are here to help you find the platform for your conversion.

_Anything Else?_
If it has wheels, and you want to make it into something it isn’t, contact us and see if we can’t help you. We have made mobile grocery stores, hat-making studios, and custom VW Westfalia retrofits. If you can describe it, we can make it.

Charles M. Kern

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